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Consulting Services

Project Management Services

In these days of global demand for cutting-edge technology and digital transformation, the need to proactively adapt to a continuous changing customer mindset with customer centricity as a focal point is paramount.
Business and technical agility provides the ability, needed to quickly adapt to new innovative solutions with agile development and practices as a vehicle to take you there. However, a lot of companies struggle or fail to embrace change. 
Velty Kay Consulting provides:
  • Best breed project management professionals who possess knowledge in complex IT projects, scaling as needed while providing you with solutions, tailored to fit your needs
  • Agile training for your business and development teams geared to improve existing mindsets towards meeting twenty first century challenges.
  • Recommendations on frameworks that help improve deliverables and decision-making processes while removing existing impediments and roadblocks that impede progress.
  • Resource data management
  • Quality assurance
  • Project documentation and reporting
Project Management Services

Project Management Office support

Our expertise in PMO governance, project structure set up and project delivery support improves accountability, transparency and re-usability while supporting faster decision making.
Our services include:
  • Documentation audits
  • Peer reviews
  • Facilitate project teams, impacting them with the agile mindset and increasing overall organizational support
PMO Support

Training and Certification

Trained Agile practitioners are assets to organizations. They are important leaders, collaborators and contributors to organizational goals and objectives. However, desired skillsets in areas like Agile Coaching, Agile processes and context-based constraints are gained through quality-oriented training, go a long way in producing sustainable, quality-driven deliverables, products and services.
This is where Velty Kay Consulting comes in. We provide the knowledge and tool needed to support individuals and organizations in achieving result-oriented goals.
Our services include providing coaching and mentoring  in:
  • Agile Training and Certifications
  • Agile and Business Intelligence Tooling
Team Meeting


We are life-long learners with eyes for excellence. Our goal is to consistently add value to our clients' portfolios while providing top class value delivery in business and technical execution. 

We are also fun loving and out going bunch with strong commitment to change the world for the better.

The Team
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