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Digital transformation is here to stay and cloud migration is becoming more popular everyday. Whether it’s leveraging on modern day analytics, applying data platform or data warehouse cloud solutions, it starts with an effective, secure cloud migration strategy then enablement  and eventual migration. We are here to partner with you in realizing your organizational solutions.
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Cloud Strategy

Moving your business infrastructure to the cloud offers many benefits when compared to the traditional, on-premises infrastructure. Efficiency, scalability, security and cost reduction are some of the major benefits that cloud offers organizations.
However, companies who use the cloud often experience their expenses rise over time. This happens because as business expands, it is difficult for companies to monitor all processes and resources related to cloud based operations.
Hence, managing cloud infrastructure becomes a set of tasks that require extra time and financial resources. It can be more complex than traditional data infrastructures due to the huge amounts of constantly changing data.
For larger enterprises that depend on business data to compete in a cutting-edge technology driven market, the only viable approach in analyzing data and optimizing their cloud resources is by using data science and machine learning.
We help you in understanding, optimizing, and automating your infrastructure through tailored strategy and dedicated services which empower enterprises to adopt cloud.

Cloud Enablement

Businesses that create solutions that keep them relevant in the market are doing so, by delivering faster in this new world of business Agility. Bolstered by experiences gained through business or digital transformation driven outcomes, they have seen new revenue sources, re-engineered workstreams and improved cost and schedule efficiencies.
All these gains can leverage the use of Technology to gain comparative advantage in new and innovative ways.
The Cloud is a transformative technology and companies are moving to the cloud in droves because it is enabling their businesses compete more than ever before. Cloud computing is by far, re-shaping the terrain of Business causing sweeping changes for major players through the delivery of best breed business solutions.
We are here to remove the burdens that come with the pain-staking tasks that come with your migration projects o portfolios, leaving you to concentrate on what makes you thick.

Cloud Migration

Delivering in the Cloud can improve simplicity and flexibility when compared to traditional methods, however, there are challenges in how migration is done.
From Business deliverables to platform builds and launches, there are cases where physical on-prem infrastructure solutions have improved collaboration and increased flexibility while reducing cost. Cloud solutions also provides the same advantages. However, understanding that every challenge requires a unique solution is where we come in, by providing tested and trusted success scenarios.
As we move into the era of Business and Product Agility, a fusion of  Technical and Business mindset is needed to overcome current challenges facing organizations today.

Project Management Services

In these days of global demand for cutting edge technology and digital transformation, the need to proactively adapt to a continuous changing customer mindset with customer centricity as a focal point is paramount.
Business and technical agility provides the ability, needed to quickly adapt to new innovative solutions with agile development and practices as a vehicle to take you there. However, a lot of companies struggle or fail to embrace change. 
That is where we come in.
We provide:
  • Best breed project management professionals who possess knowledge in complex IT projects, scaling as needed while providing you with solutions, tailored to fit your needs
  • Agile training for your business and development teams geared to improve existing mindsets towards meeting twenty first century challenges.
  • Recommendations on frameworks that help improve deliverables and decision-making processes while removing existing impediments and roadblocks that impede progress.
  • Resource data management
  • Quality assurance
  • Project documentation and reporting

Project Management Office support

Our expertise in PMO governance, project structure setup and project delivery support improves accountability, transparency and re-usability while supporting faster decision making.
Our services include:
  • Documentation audits
  • Peer reviews
  • Facilitate project teams, impacting them with the agile mindset and increasing overall organizational support

Vendor Management

Vendors are assets to organizations and are important stakeholders to organizational goals and deliverables. However, the effective management of the relationship between your organization and your vendors go a long way in producing sustainable, quality-driven deliverables, products and services.
We provide performance monitoring, risk mitigation and cost reduction in multi team environment hence, increasing throughput long term.
Our services include:
  • Vendor risk evaluation and management
  • Vendor Performance evaluation
  • Vendor Risk Management


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Our Services


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We have extensive experience providing engineering, project services and procurement solutions for oil, gas and energy  sectors on both onshore and offshore facilities.

We support our clients in all phases of engineering, procurement, construction projects from basic design to Commissioning with:


Our experience in these areas uniquely position us for complex projects.


Our services have the technology, resources and experience to deliver effective sand control and stimulation services in any down-hole condition.

Challenging completions on land, swamp, in offshore shelf environments while providing technology that reduces risk, increase completion efficiency and maximizes production.

Our methods have proven best breed in the area of sand control  and stimulation services which minimize risks, reduce completion costs and deliver optimized production.


Our goal for our clients regarding asset management is to effectively manage corporate assets in order to gain maximum value, profitability and returns while safe guarding personnel, the community and the environment.

A true asset Integrity management program incorporates design, maintenance, inspection, process, operations and management concepts as these disciplines impact the integrity of infrastructure and equipment. 



We are life-long learners with eyes for excellence. Our goal is to consistently add value to our clients' portfolios while providing top class value delivery in business and technical execution. 

We are also fun loving and out going bunch with strong commitment to change the world for the better.